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"You’re scaring me!"

Lavie hisses in pain when the blade slices her skin. She shuffled backward to create a distance between them. “Dont hurt yourself, sonny.” she said as she wiped his blood from the sides of her mouth. She then rushed forward and slashed at Austin’s face.

    Grimacing in pain a bit when Lavie cut his face only a few centimeters away from his eye, Austin had to react quickly. Raising the sword up again, he was the one rushing this tim and swinged the sword directly at her neck, hoping to leave a deep cut. Remembering Val was there too, Austin tuned his head briefly to see how she was.

Val was sprawled on the ground, a fair amount of blood pooled around her body. Lavie hisses again as she holds her neck where the sword had slashed her. She takes a few steps back and decides to pounce onto Austin.

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Lavie’s body lied there for a moment before it dissipated into a cluster of tarantulas, all of them scattering about. Val eases Ma-e from the air and back onto the ground carefully “Should i let her go?”

Will stomped with out care on any Giant spider that came near him…He looked at Ma-e and nodded “Hun Ma-e looks like she calmed down…I think you and me should be more worried about that demon that I shot….”

Ma-e huffed and put away her hatchet…

Val blinks a few times. “Well, she’s gone, for now. It’s likely these spiders are going to meet up and she’ll rise again nearby. So, yeah, the’re not much we can do at the moment.”

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